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Bookings and questions:

You Make your booking online here. Follow the guide below. 

If you need help, just give us a call. +46(0) 709709

If You want to book for today, the booking closes at 8,20 for the morning tour. For the afternoon and evening tours the booking close 2 hours before start.

Prices 2022

It's very important that you read and take part of this before you proceed to make a reservation, so that you book the right amount of railbikes. Otherwise some of you might have to stay behind. 
If you don't feel sure about how to do, give us a call and we'll help you.



You can see below which different combinations of people that are allowed on one railbike.

2pers 2pers 1b 1pers 1pers 1b 1pers 2b

Railbike 360sek

These combinations are allowed on one railbike:
*Two people

*Two people + 1 child (max 6 years)
*One solo person
*One person + 1 child (max 6 years)

*One person + 2 children (max 6 years)

Babies younger than 2 years always goes for free, but maxium one per railbike. Read more on FAQ


Rullstol Hund

Special Railbike 500sek
(You're only allowed to book this railbike for the use of a wheelchair or dog cage!)

For you who are wheelchair-bound, there's a Special Railbike you can book for the track in Tomelilla. This railbike is made for two people who does the biking and you relax in your wheelchair on a platform between them. You'll get a ramp with you for getting on and off the railbike out in the nature. Read more on FAQ

The special Railbike can also be booked by you who've got a big dog you'd like to bring. Then the dog sits in our metal cage between the two of you that does the biking. The measurements of the cage in cm is W90 D55 H60. It holds one big dog or two smaller ones. Read more on FAQ

Your responsibility as our visitor:

I am responsible for ensuring that everyone in my group has taken part of the safety precautions at Äventyr på Österlen's website and the information that is given before departure.
If we in any way due to carelessness and negligence cause damage to the railbikes or other material/personal injury, we alone will be responsible for this and can become liable for compensation.  


Due to our new online booking system 2021, we will make some adjustments for how adjustments and cancellations work. 


*For raibiking from 1/6 2021 and forward it´s not possible to cancel your booking later than 7 days before your visit.


*Cancellations due to "bad weather" are not accepted. If you absolutely don't want to bike in rain and such, then wait to make a reservation until you've checked the weather forecast.

*It's possible to cancel your reservation (no later than 7 days before your visit) for an administrative fee of 25% of the total booking cost. After that, you are free to make a new reservation if you want. 

*It's not possible to make adjustments in an already finnished reservation.
If you wish to add railbikes for your visit, you need to make another booking for these. 
If you wish to reduce the amount of railbikes you have booked, you first need to cancel the reservation that you've already done and then directly make a new reservation.

Keep in mind that a cancellation costs a 25% fee of your total reservation cost. 


If you book many railbikes and perhaps turn out not needing one or two, it can sometimes be more advantageous moneywise to not cancel your booking and just let it be. So before you make a reservation, make sure that everyone in your group really are joining.
If you are several families and one of the families aren't sure if they will be able to go, then make a seperate reservation for them so that you can cancel only that that one if needed.


Why all this you might wonder?
Some people plan their visit several weeks in advance, but most people book about one week in advance. By then, they need to know how many railbikes that are available each day. Therefore we cannot accept cancellations later than 7 days.


I have read all above an now want to

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