Äventyr på Österlen

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Now we have closed for the season.
Maybee we have opend some day in the Christmas/Newyear holiday in Tomelilla. That depends on weather and more.. 

For questions you can reach us on
(+46)709 209209

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On your way here?

Address to the parking lot in: 
Tomelilla: Löparegatan.

From Road 11 turn in to Stafettgatan, then directly left into Löparegatan and left again in front of the  info Map. Park your Car here on the parkinglot on the little hill. Then you take a walk back to the red goods magasin just where you turned of Road 11. (100m)


Sankt Olof: Järnvägsgatan.

Park between the red Goodsmagazine and the Staton. Take a walk 150m south along the track to the Engine Shed. 

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Welcome to Adventure at Österlen! (Äventyr på Österlen)

We offer tours on railbikes at abandoned railways between Tomelilla - Fyledalen and St:Olof - Gyllebo in Skåne. We've also got some advice on a few easy hikes, diretcly from the bus stop and right out in the nature. This way you can leave the car at home and just enjoy!
Look through the menus and read more... Or give us a call if You have any questions!
wdr dressinrad A little about Österlen...

Österlen is not very big to the area (only around 30 x 40km) but there's so much to see and explore.
Here's both open fields and deep forests with a rich flora and fauna. In the woods you often encounter the row dear, fallow deer and hare. If you're watchful, you can be lucky and even see a red dear or a wild boar family. We've got a lot of bird of prey here at Österlen, especially in and around Fyledalen. Common buzzard, rough-legged buzzard, golden eagle, sea eagle to mention a few, and then of course the kite which is Tomelillas own symbol.
In the East, Österlen stops by a long coast with many great swimming possibilities and many small harbors.
If you bike the railbike on the railway from Sankt Olof to Gyllebosjö you can take a swim in Gyllebosjön; a nice little lake with clean freshwater, beautifully located in the forest just a couple of hundred meters from the railway.
Österlen is not flat like a pancake as many believe; here's both heights such as Stens huvud at Kivik and deep valleys such as Fyledalen outside Tomelilla. At the bottom of Fyledalen, Fyleån (the river), curls its way calm and easy. Many animals seek their way down to the river to drink and for the constant hunt for the daily bread...

You can bike the railbike through a part of Fyledalen, a different and environmentally friendly way to explore this wonderful piece of nature closely, without disturbing the wildlife.

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 To always have in mind while visiting the nature.

* Do not disturb the wildlife. If you have a dog, you must always keep it in a leash. Keep a good distance from bird nests, burrows and lairs. Instead, bring a pair of binoculars, so that you will see much more...
* Show respect to others that like yourself, are in the nature; don't make unnecessarily much noise.
* Take care of the land and vegetation, do not break twigs from trees and shrubs.
* Do not pick flowers, grass and mosses, enjoy them where they're growing instead. Partly of our tours goes through Nature reserves where it's even forbidden to pick the plants.
* Keep the nature clean; never leave trash behind! It's very easy to bring it back with you to a garbage can...
* Do not make fires at other places than arranged barbecue spots and please do not use one-time-grills in the nature.

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